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What Is Acne Scarring?

Acne scarring that result from acne conditions is usually very frustrating and embarrassing for the individual concerned. There are many different types of acne scars, from the discolorations, to shallow marks, to deeply punctured scars. Different types of treatment are also available for each different type of acne scar. Shallow scars or discolored marks may be treated with simple topical solutions. When acne scars get severe, sometimes, a self-medicated treatment is no longer enough.

It’s no surprise that people who have acne scars are searching for methods on how to get rid of acne scars. The appearance of scars, pits, and depressions on the skin is not something that people would be proud of. If you are suffering from the burden of acne scarring, fear not as these days, there are many different options available in acne scar treatment. The type of treatment that you must go for, however, is dependent on and determined by the type of acne scarring that you have.

Different Types of Acne Scars and Acne Scarring

An acne scar can present itself in a lot of different ways and forms. Rolling scars end up creating a wavy looking texture on the skin. Another form of acne scarring is the boxcar acne scar, which look like large pores on the skin with boxlike walls. Ice pick scars are deep and narrow punctures that look like an ice pick pierced the skin. For each of the different types of acne scarring, there is a corresponding treatment that will work well to improve the appearance of the skin. You will find more in-depth information on this site about the different types of scars.

Acne Scarring Treatments

Because of the advancement of medicine and technology, acne scarring no longer has to be with us for life, reminding us of those painful, acne-filled times. You can now choose among the many treatments available (with the advice of your dermatologist, of course) to you and change the way you look. Away with the scars and marks!

Laser scar treatment has been one of the most popular acne scarring treatments around. There have been many a success story from laser scar removal treatments and there really are results to prove it. However, this type of treatment can sometimes be costly and not everyone can afford this acne scarring treatment.

Micro-dermabrasion is also a popular method of scar removal. Available in most clinic and spas, it is a simple treatment and procedure. Care must still be observed, though, that the one administering the treatment is experience and knows what they are doing.

When things get desperate, acne scar surgery is another option. There are many different types of surgeries: punch excision, punch elevation, punch graft, subcutaneous incision. All of these methods involve removing the scar and elevating the skin to make it even with the rest of the face.

Sometimes, acne scars home remedies also do the trick. Topical creams, either medicated or non-medicated, are a popular acne scarring treatment method. It easy to apply (administered at home) and if used consistently, can come up with fantastic results.

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