Shallow Acne Scars Treatment: Medical and Home Treatments

Shallow acne scars treatment are becoming more and more popular. As we hit our teenage years and even as adults we have to deal with blemishes and acne due to stress, hormones, and hygiene. And thanks to dermatologists we can now have creams and lotions to help reduce the appearance of shallow acne scars. And thanks to human trial and error and the internet we can find a number of home remedies to also reduce the appearance of shallow acne scars.

Before You Start A Shallow Acne Scars Treatment, How Do You Identify Acne Scars?

There are many types of acne scars. Many are severe while some are less severe. However, how do you identify shallow acne scars? They are known as depressed acne scars, they can be a red color and leaves a slight depression in the skin (rolling acne) or they can look like small chickenpox scars (boxcar acne). They are oval and usually not very deep but can be sometimes.


 What Kind Of Shallow Acne Scars Treatments Can I Get From A Doctor?

The treatments for shallow acne scars are abundant. However, some are much more expensive than others. For the red, shallow depression in the skin also know as rolling acne, there are a number of treatments.

You can have the scar cut away by a doctor and it may take about three times to get the scar to go away and not return. It can cost anywhere from $50 dollars to almost $1000 dollars. The side effects can leave bruises, a different type of scarring or discoloration.

You can also have a number of different injections done to get rid of the scars. Cytotoxic injection injects an antibiotic and a cancer drug into the area. It can cost $100 dollars to $150 dollars for every scar you want fixed. The side effects include pain or dark spots of the skin.

Another treatment is an injection of a filler into the scar area. The materials in the injection is bovine collagen fat and silicone etc, it can vary. The cost can run from $500 to over $1000. There are many side affects to this injection as well. Skin discoloration, infections, pain, bruises, the product can “migrate”. It can also cause your skin to be bumpy or sensitive as well.

Boxcar Acne also have quite a few of treatments you can receive from the doctor. One is another injection, but it is a steroid injection which helps reduce the appearance in scars. It may take a few months to go away but the injections can be around $50 to $100. It can also cause skin discoloration, bruising, cause some of your skin tissue to die.

There are also treatments called chemical peels. They vary in price depending on the severity of your shallow acne scars. They rub a mixture of alpha hydroxy acid and beta hydroxy acid on the area then they wash it off. This will take quite a few sessions, though for shallow scars it should only cost from $50 to $200. It can cause dry skin, itching or make your skin red. It also will make your skin sensitive to UV rays.


Home Remedy Shallow Acne Scars Treatments

Home remedies are treatments developed and tested by regular people. They work on some people and sometimes not on others. However, for most shallow acne scars treatments you don’t have spend a lot of money or time when it comes to home remedies. And these treatments work for both rolling and boxcar acne scars.

Shea butter has a lot of vitamin E in it and can help reduce the appearance of scars. Vitamin E and A is great for your skin so any product with one or the other will help benefit you in your goal of ridding your face of shallow acne scars. Palmer’s Coco Butter is also full of Vitamin E and will help minimize the appearance of scars, however this product should not be used in large amounts because it can clog your pores.

Leaving lemon juice on your skin for about 20 minutes is rated one of the highest home remedies to get rid of acne scars. As well as lemon juice and olive oil mixed together, leave it on for about 20 minutes before washing it off. Us it 3 or 4 times a week.

Home remedies can be found all over the internet. Websites like have thousands of home remedies used by people everyday to share with others to help them relieve some of their problems and ailments naturally. You can also use a search engine to easily fine a home remedy website.

Doctors have many treatments that may work better than home remedies, but they do cost more. Home remedies sometimes can work well if not better than treatments given by a doctor. It really depends on the shallow acne scars treatment you are willing to try.

Determining If Laser Scar Removal Is the Best Method of Treatment for You

Is Laser Scar Removal For You?

Scars come in many sizes, colors, and shapes and can form over any part of the body.  Once a person is physically scarred, it is common for the person to feel overcome with lack of self-esteem, poor image of physical self, and insecurities.  These common feelings in people with scars are due to the anxiety experienced at not feeling normal or as attractive as they could be.  People who suffer from scars caused by acne are even more prone to suffer severe forms of these emotional symptoms due to the scars being so visible.


Laser Scar Removal Has Been a Great Option for Many

Many people have chosen to treat their scars and to improve their physical appearance.  This has been effective with acne scars treatment if a person has discovered that creams and ointments have not produced the desired effect.  Many times, people will simply skip tossing away money on a variety of products and go directly to laser scar removal for their acne scars treatment plan.  This can help to save time and money and to obtain more efficient and more rapid results.

Understanding the layers of the skin and how the skin operates to function is important to understanding how laser scar removal works to effectively dissipate terrible acne scars.  A qualified surgeon who specializes in laser surgery uses a small hand-held laser to remove away the scar tissue on the face, neck, and other affected acne scar areas.  The laser works as a painless wand which burns away the scar tissue.


Only New Skin is Left by Laser Scar Removal

Once the laser scar removal treatment has been implemented, the old and scarred skin tissue is dissolved away, leaving room for new skin cells to form and grow.  New replaces old and these new skin cells will emerge fresh and clean and unscarred.  Each cell holds three main parts.  One of the main components to a cell is the nucleus which controls the work that the cell does.  In the case of the skin cells, once the old skin is burned away through minor laser scar removal, the nucleus of the skin cell then provides the energy for the new skin cells to grow and reproduce.

This is the desired result of people who are seeking acne scars treatment.  New skin will appear, leaving the skin looking fresh, vibrant, healthy; and most importantly, free of acne scars.

Be Your Own Dermatologist: Do-It-Yourself Chemical Peels For Acne Scars

Do-It-Yourself Chemical Peels For Acne Scars

Many people, at one point in their lives, have gone through a lot of pain dealing with getting teased and ridiculed for having really bad skin.  Some are fortunate enough to only have to deal with the occasional pimple or blackhead; others who are not so lucky have to go through acne breakouts and are left with acne scars to remind them of their ordeal. Those who can afford it have an option to seek professional acne scar treatment, but others just don’t have the courage or the funding to get chemical peels for acne scars.


Before even considering to have Chemical Peels done, you need to know what these procedures are able to achieve and what they cannot.  Good chemical peels can fix sun damage and can reduce mild scarring, but it’s not powerful enough to remove keloids.  Chemical peels can erase a few wrinkles here and there, but they cannot act as a facelifter.  Chemical peels for acne scars can remove tenacious blackheads and can improve oily skin, but they cannot literally shrink your pores or remove visible blood vessels on your skin.  Once you’ve understood the capabilities of this acne scar treatment, you may now prepare yourself for receiving it.


More Things To Know Before Doing Chemical Peels For Acne Scars

Chemical peels are serious.  To eliminate possible complications you might get if something goes wrong with it, be sure your face is free from active acne.  Otherwise, follow this very basic three-step process twice a day for at least three months before you undergo a chemical peel at home or your dermatologist’s clinic: rinse, treat, moisturize.  It’s very simple, but doing it religiously requires discipline and determination.  Visit for a more detailed step-by-step process.


Next thing you should do before you proceed to get is to research.  Find out the different types of acne scars and read the many available reviews of products you are considering to use.  It never hurts to be over-prepared—the Internet is a vast source of knowledge.


The last thing you should do before undergoing chemical peels for acne scars

Is to find the right doctor, if you don’t already have a regular dermatologist that you trust with all your heart.  You want to make sure that the person performing chemical peels for acne scars is a legitimate professional.  If you want to save money and do things at home, get a recommendation for home peel products.  You can ask your doctor about the following brands:


  • MD Formulations My Personal Home Peel System – This is a three-step personalized do-it-yourself-peel kit that is highly customizable—you can control the amount of usage for each component, depending on your skin concerns and needs.
  • Cellex-C Speed Peel Facial Gel – This in an instant apply-and-peel treatment that takes care of dull and dry skin cells and leaves your skin fresh, smooth, and radiant.
  • Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare Alpha Beta Daily Face Peel – This product has an easy two-step acne scar treatment that features mixroexfoliation, a mild method of removing cellular debris from your skin surface, without the need for recovery time after usage.


These are only some examples of chemical peels for scars that you can do from the privacy and convenience of your own home.  Make sure you find one that fits your needs and preferences perfectly before becoming your own dermatologist.  Have fun and take care!

Acne Scar Treatment At Home

Long-Term Success Acne Scar Treatment At Home

Acne scar treatment is an industry that people spend millions upon millions of dollars on each year.  Long-term success with acne removal is something that many people strive to achieve and they often end up disappointed and upset because they spent an enormous sum of money on an expensive assortment of dermatology creams with no results.  In truth, many of the most effective treatments have been performed at home and with very little expense.

Home Remedies for Acne Scar Treatment

Home remedies for acne scars are growing in popularity because people are discovering how well a few common ingredients work once applied to acne scars.  These amazing and simple solutions for acne scars have left people wishing they had tried these home remedies before doling out hundreds or thousands of dollars on expensive over-the-counter items sold in stores.  The success that people have found using common products and ingredients they already have at home has led to something of a revolution in the search for superior Acne Scar Treatment and solutions.

Learning to live with acne scars is something that you no longer have to put up with if you have experienced the humiliating scars on your face and other affected areas of your body.  It is possible to reduce the appearance of acne scars and even to completely remove the scars in many situations by using effective acne scar treatments at home.  These simple home remedies for acne scars provide desired results and have been tried by people across the planet.

If you have been searching for a reliable solution for acne scar treatment, you will be pleased to try the inexpensive remedies that many people have found successful at home.  The home treatments are more comfortable, save time and money, and have had astonishing results to a desired effect.  Combining simple products such as coarse sea salt with herbal teas and soothing shea lotions have worked marvelously for a wide variety of people with varying degrees of acne scars.

The common coarse sea salt rubs against the scars and helps to reduce and diminish the appearance while the other ingredients of the acne scars treatment work to soothe and hydrate the skin in the affected areas.  This and other similar home remedies for acne scars provide people with an affordable option to alleviate their faces of the unsightly scars that are caused by years of acne.

There are many other home remedies for acne scars that you can use as a wonderful and affordable solution to finally rid yourself of unsightly and unwanted scars that mark your face.  Acne scar treatment at home makes it possible for you to undergo affordable treatment in the privacy of your own dwelling.  It is always wise to first speak with a physician or dermatologist before beginning any type of home remedy treatment, whether dermatological or otherwise.  Many physicians will even recommend a variety of home remedies for acne scar treatment due to the success that so many people have found with these treatments.